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Sattvik Anti Marks Serum for Spotless Skin Review

by Natasha Bhatt 5/21/2016 10:50:22 AM 0 Comments

Sattvik Anti Marks Serum for Spotless Skin Review

Hi everyone,
We all want a clear and spotless skin, Don't we? In my opinion either you are blessed with good skin or either you are not. In either ways one needs to take good care of their skin. And that generally should begin once a person enters teenage life.During my teens and some more than 10 years ago we never had internet and so much of information available at our disposal as to what we could do to keep our skin spotless and acne free. But with changing times we are now privileged to have so many brands which come out with products that helps in maintaining a clear free skin. Today I shall be reviewing one such product called the Sattvik Anti Marks Serum. Read on to know more...

Ingredients, Instuctions & What the brand says about the product:

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Some information on Bakuchi Herbs:
Bakuchi is an Ayurvedic herb, very well known for its efficacy against skin diseases including leucoderma.Its botanical name is Psoralia corylifolia.They help to  naturally lighten discoloration and brighten skin. Papaya is also known to lighten the skin especially tanned skin.

The serum comes in a small plastic bottle which is transparent and labelled by the brand with all the information on it. You need to pierce a hole to get the product out.Sadly it started leaking on me. Hence I would suggest to store it upright and also be careful while piercing a hole in it. It has a flip cap which opens and shuts well. I wish I could say it is travel friendly but I can't because it leaked on me.

The serum is a blend of oils which are light weight in nature. The bottle if examined closely contains Bakuchi Herbs regarding which I have mentioned above. The serum smells quite strong which many may like or dislike but something which claims to do what it does I am all in for it and honestly I am ok with the smell as it disappears after a while. The serum is very light weightand blends easily into the skin. Now I do not get acne that often, I did have the problem as a teenager though. I have pigmentation around my mouth which I wanted this serum to reduce. I have been using this every night before sleeping around my mouth and  a particular tiny zit I got due to dandruff. The zit disappeared quickly also I found the pigmentation around my mouth lightened a bit. Now according to the brand you need to use the product for 3 months to show considerable results hence I shall keep you posted as to how it worked for me post 3 months. 

The Good:
Contains a blend of oils good for the skin.
Bakuchi herbs reduces pigmentation.
Easily available online.
Light weight consistency.
Ideal for all skin types.
Did not cause any reaction on my skin.
100% herbal and safe
Cruelty free.

The not so Good:
Fragrance may be strong for some.

Rating: 4.5/5

Sattvik Anti Marks Serum for Spotless Skin is a lovely light weight serum which is meant for all skin types and helps in reducing pigmentation and spots over a period of time. What I like that it is 100% herbal and cruelty free. Hence I recommend everyone to try it.

I hope this review was informative to all those reading. Please leave a comment below would love to know your thoughts.

Until next time.. Take care xoxo


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